Skin and Nails

Now this is one area that I am just getting started with! Skin and Nails!

Now of course I want healthy nails and radiant skin! Who doesn't, right?

But it's not that easy! There is so much that I want to work on in this area, that I start to feel overwhelmed!

So let me break it down... Below are the areas that I am going to be focusing on, and working towards improving! I hope you'll do it with me!! :0)

1. The skin on my face has always been pretty healthy, but I have been struggling to keep it that way! I'm starting to get dark circles, I've always had huge bags under my eyes, and I'm starting to get these frown lines on my forehead!

2. The skin on the rest of my body has always been pretty dry! While my husband can jump out of the shower and just get dressed, I wouldn't dare put on anything except lotion once I'm done showering!

3. Now my nails have never been healthy! They have always been thin, brittle, and see through!

Ok... so now I've shared everything regarding skin and nails that I want to improve upon, and I will be documenting that journey as well! I look forward to hearing all of your suggestions, and if any of you are working on these same areas, I look forward to working on them together!!

Check out my YouTube page where I will be posting videos on these topics as well!