Health And Fitness

How I Got Started… It wasn’t easy! :0) 

I started working out consistently about 1.5 years ago. Before that, I would go to the gym every now and then, and even when I would go, I would just be going through the motions, which inevitably was a waste of time!
My husband – boyfriend at the time – and I would argue about me going to the gym ALL THE TIME!!!! It was ridiculous! He started working out when he was in high school, and has been working out ever since! (Sometimes, it can be so simple for men! Ugh! Lol!) He wanted me to work out with him sometimes, be able to keep up when we did active outdoor activities, etc. I was skinny… scrawny even, but I was not in shape, by any means! I think that is a big misconception, that skinny = healthy, and that is far from the truth!  
But Anyway…
He tried motivating me to be more active, go to the gym, eat healthier… in many different ways, but at the end of the day, his efforts would blow up in his face. I would take his ‘motivation’ as him telling me that he was unhappy with me and/or the way that I looked! My feelings would get hurt, then I would become extremely defensive, and it was downhill from there!
The bottom line was there was nothing he could say or do to make me work out more, or become a more active, healthier person. I had to want it for myself and for myself only!
Finally one day, I was feeling down about myself, and not really liking what I saw in the mirror, or the way I was feeling… always tired and sluggish. I decided enough was enough. The things that I didn’t like, I wanted them changed, and the only way they were going to change, was if I changed them myself.
 I wish I could say that me and my healthy lifestyle lived happily ever after, and that from then on, I went to the gym and I only ate healthy foods, but that is far from the truth! Lol!
But I have been doing better and making healthy choices, working out regularly, to the point that I actually enjoy working out!! My main issue now is food!! Lol! I have a long way to go with that one, but baby steps right… baby steps!

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