Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where the - - - - have you been!?

Hey Ladies & Gents!!

First and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent me messages to my inbox and posted comments on my youtube channel! 

 Thanks for thinking of little ole me!! :) 

I missed you guys too! I have been MIA, and I am so sorry about that!! I feel so behind and left out!! I haven't been able to make videos, watch videos, nothing!! I'm so out of the loop! But everything is a-ok!! 
I was so busy with ... well...  life ... but I am back!! *bigsmile*

So now... what's to come! Lots of videos and blog posts! I have a box of goodies that I ordered and received over a month ago! I didn't open it because I've been wanting to do a haul video just for you guys! Now I forgot what's even in it (lol! ridiculous!), so that will be fun to go through!! I love surprises!!

It's Just Like Christmas... except in April!! lol!

The race is just over 1 week away!! - 10days!! Yikes!! -

 I am so excited! I've been working my butt off, and I can't wait to run this baby!! Literally... you guys would be so proud!! My goal isn't just to finish anymore... it's to RUN the entire time!! 

- Can't wait to tell you how I came up with that crazy idea!! -
I have a lot ... I mean ... a LOT of hair videos to do!!  
(my first protein treatment, new styles, new products, new tools, updated regemine... lots of good stuff!)

Also... some skin and nail updates!! (Healthy skin... going great!! *thumbs up!* Nails ... not so much! *thumbs down :/*) As well as some new makeup looks! Ooohh - lala!

And of course some fitness videos! :0) Can't forget those! 

I am so thankful you have embraced me and my videos with open arms and you actually like what I put out!! :0) You care... you actually care!! :0) 

I can't wait to interact with you all!! See you in the next video!!

Now... LET'S START EDITING!!!!!... well, I'll start editing!! :0)

luvbeinnatural <3


  1. Hey your youtube videos!...could you post a video discussing your workout regimen? How often you workout? etc.


  2. Lovin your blog...gotta go check out the youtube channel now!