Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bad Hair Days + Natural Hair!? ... NOT the business!!

What in the world am I going to do with this mess!!!!!????!!!!

Everyone has bad hair days!! 

I get questions all the time about what to do with natural hair when nothing... and I mean nothing... you do seems to work out right!! 
Or in my case... when I'm lazy the night before and I don't prep my hair for the next day! Haha! 
(I know I'm the only one with that problem right!? ... haha! ... you guys never do that right!?)

Well, I usually just stand in front of the mirror, grab some hair pins, and start pinning!!
I keep trying different things until something looks presentable enough to wear outside.
I usually get frustrated ... a few times at least ... but it alwyas works out. And hey... practice makes perfect!! 

Since I receive so many questions about it... I decided to record one of those days... here it is!! 
I hope your bad hair days aren't so bad anymore!  :0)

Talk to you guys later!! 

- luvbeinnatural <3

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